Middle School


Each year, students in Middle School experience a four-day week immersed in an experiential and intellectually rigorous course. This unique format emphasizes hands-on, student-centred learning that provides the opportunity for off-campus excursions and learning in our community. Selwyn House faculty and staff facilitate courses through a approach while exploring topics and issues that reflect their own interests and passions. Students engage in daily activities that enable them to think critically, design, plan and produce something meaningful that is shared with their peers and teachers alike. Through this process, students will deepen their understanding of themselves and of their peers, teachers, and wider community, enabling them to empathize with others and apply these skills in everyday contexts.

What are key characteristics of a Middle School Intensive Course?
  • The program takes place over four days.
  • Reflection is a key component that is built in throughout the program.
  • Personal reflection and group discussion help the students process the learning in productive and meaningful ways.
  • Engagement is focused on the creation of something meaningful inspired by the theme and driving question of the course. Evaluation does not occur through traditional written tests.
  • Group sizes range from 6-16 participants and are a mix of Grade 7 & 8 students. Students get to choose their top course selections and are placed in one that interests them.
  • Experiences in the wider community are integrated into the program purposefully.

View the 2023 Intensive course offerings by clicking on the slideshow below.