The Path Forward Campaign

Student Success Centre

Diversity in all its forms is embraced at Selwyn House, including the diverse ways in which our students learn.

Now part of the Department of Student Wellness, The Student Success Centre (SSC) is a wonderful source of support for all students whether they wish to gain study skills, obtain specialized instruction, or receive professional services for specific learning challenges. The SSC aims to provide resources and professional development opportunities for teachers in the areas of Inclusive Education, Differentiated Instruction and Curriculum Adaptation, and Assistive Technology resources. Our goal is to increase the SSC endowment to have a self-sustaining fund to alleviate the reliance on the annual fund.

The Student Success Centre Endowment Fund ensures that we can meet the needs of our diverse learners, build our resources, and provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our teachers.

Student Success Centre Endowment Goal $1,875,000.
This fund is divided into 2 areas:

1) Professional Development Fund:
$375,000 is required to disburse $15,000 annually for teacher training.

2) Resources Fund:
$1,500,000 is required to disburse $60,000 annually for specialists and materials.

Balance to raise: $1,503,971