The Path Forward Campaign

The Rob Wearing Bursary Fund

This fund was established by the Wearing Family to benefit students with promising character, an interest in the Arts and sports, and who qualifies for financial assistance.

Rob dedicated almost half his life to ensuring each student had positive life experiences at Selwyn. This bursary will provide an opportunity for his legacy to continue. Friends of Rob Wearing are welcome to contribute.


Rob Wearing retired from ɫ in 2006 after 33 years of service. During his time at the school, Rob was Director of Athletics, Director of the Secondary School in the early 80s, Interim Co-Headmaster, and then Director of Senior School when a separate Middle School was established in 1994. He also taught student awareness classes helping students deal with sensitive issues like sex, drugs alcohol, and teenage depression.
In an interview for Veritas upon his retirement, Rob stated, “I always enjoyed kids. If you keep your eyes and ears open they can teach you an awful lot. I’m sure I learned as much from them as I imparted to them.”

Rob Wearing’s legacies at Selwyn House include redesigning the school’s Athletic Department, launching the Athletic Banquet, and choosing the Gryphon as the school’s mascot.