In front of our school, next to our iconic Veritas sculpture, a tree stands tall.

I believe that every school is like a tree. Each is separate from the rest, with strong roots and distinct characteristics. The trunk is a solid core that allows the tree to stand straight and rise above the ground. Its branches extend into the sky, absorbing sunlight for its nourishment.

I like to think of our motto, Veritas, as the nutrients that feed our school. 

Everything we do at ɫ is linked to Veritas.

Our core consists of our values, which have shaped our school’s 113 year history.

We are:

Relational – Boys’ learning should be based on relationships, responsibility, and purpose. Our students belong to a caring and relational community whose members understand each other and grow together.

Inclusive – We strive to be a fully inclusive community. We teach our students to respect and work with everyone regardless of language, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or race. We shape our graduates to go into the world prepared to bring everyone together. 

Experiential – We believe that all children, especially boys, need to play, build and deconstruct things. We help our students gain the courage to try without the fear of failure. 

Our branches reflect what we do as a school and all work together in service of our students.

Academics are the core of what we do. We give the boys the skills and knowledge they need to be successful as they move through life. Outstanding academics are non-negotiable here at ɫ.

Athletics are a huge part of who we are. The students learn a lot about themselves and each other by belonging to teams and playing in individual sports. At ɫ, athletics and academics complement each other.

The Arts provide an opportunity for our young men to grow in all aspects of their lives. As you walk through our hallways, you will be impressed with the sheer amount of artwork hanging on the walls. At alumni events, I’m always amazed to hear our Old Boys talk about how pivotal their experiences on stage were for them as they took part in one of our many productions. The Old Boys blues band shows how some alumni aren’t ready to let go of their experience in the school jazz band. 

Our Activities enrich our students’ experience at the school. Between the clubs and programs like debating, robotics and leadership to outdoor education and the woodshop, our students have access to many fantastic opportunities. 

Finally, the leaves represent our students. Each year, our graduates leave our school spreading Veritas to the world, like a tree shedding its leaves, nourishing the soil.
Selwyn House Headmasters
Algernon Lucas: 1908–1912
C. C. Macaulay: 1912–1929
Geoffrey Wanstall: 1929–1945
Robert Speirs: 1945–1971
Alexis Troubetzkoy: 1971–1981
Robert Manion: 1981–1984
William Mitchell: 1985–2008
Hal Hannaford: 2009–2020
Michael Downey: 2020–