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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The Advanced Placement Program at Selwyn House was started six years ago when the school first offered boys the option to write the Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition exam. That year, eight students wrote the exam. Since then, the program has grown enormously, and this past year, fully one-third of our graduating class wrote at least one Advanced Placement exam and many wrote several exams. Our boys have had a great deal of success on these exams and several have been declared Advanced Placement Scholars, a rare distinction granted to only a small percentage of the over one million students worldwide who write Advanced Placement exams every year.
Currently, we offer boys the opportunity to write exams in six different subject areas (English Literature and Composition, French Language and Culture, Calculus, Physics) and provide exam preparation through both dedicated courses and small-group instruction. In addition to offering  formal courses and small group study sessions, teachers are available for individual coaching and test preparation for a number of other AP exams. In the past, students have written exams for everything  from Chinese Language and Culture to Studio Art to European History. Our AP program makes us one of only a handful of schools in the province to offer this opportunity to students.

ɫ AP
Advanced Placement exams offer students the opportunity for academic enrichment in 34 different subject areas, and can be a fun and stimulating way for students to prepare themselves for the rigours of post-secondary education. In addition to providing students with interesting academic challenges, Advanced Placement exams have practical implications for students considering continuing their education outside of Quebec in a Grade 12 program, or who are looking ahead to attending a Canadian or American four-year college program. AP results are recognized in almost all Canadian and American universities and in universities in sixty countries around the world. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, students can earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the admission process, and give themselves an edge in what has become the highly competitive world of post-secondary studies.

AP Coordinator
Brenda Montgomery
514-931-9481 ext 2281