Staff & Faculty

The faculty and staff at ɫ are a team of dedicated, caring professionals. In the classroom, on class trips, in the gym, playing field, dining room or hallways, faculty and staff know each student and appreciate him for his unique skills, abilities, and personality. Teachers spend extra time helping students reach their academic potential, while our coaches encourage fitness and athletic development.

The majority of teaching faculty have advanced degrees and/or multiple university degrees. All faculty participate in regular professional development.

A Selwyn House Master Teacher:

  • Connects with each student and fosters relationships. Knows the kids, learns their passions and helps them find ways to engage in their learning. 
  • Teaches the students first, then the curriculum. 
  • Makes the curriculum relevant to the student's life.
  • Believes in lifelong learning and the possibility of their own personal growth and learning every day. 
  • Focuses on learning goals as opposed to performance goals, effort versus achievement, growth versus inertia. 
  • Embodies character education and is a model of respect, warmth, integrity and concern for others. 
  • Is passionate and, therefore, knowledgeable about the content/subjects they teach.
  • Is a team player and a leader of the school, always concerned about the impact of their actions on school culture, not just in their classroom. 
  • Possesses and models strong communication skills. 
  • Is confident in themselves and confident in others. 
  • Understands and enjoys boys and knows how to set limits with respect and acceptance of boys.
  • Is enthusiastic and passionate about life—their lives, their colleagues’ lives and their students’ lives. 
  • Contributes to a growth-oriented faculty culture. 
  • Supports the school mission. 
  • Tries and tries again when a student does not succeed or understand.