Why Choose Our School?

Michael Downey, Headmaster

Nathalie Gervais, Director of Admissions


Choosing ɫ for your son is offering him an education with a long tradition of excellence, academically, as well as in his personal growth. From Kindergarten to Pre-University (Grade 12), we create an environment that encourages our students to reach their full potential. It is important to note that certificates of eligibility are no longer required and the school is open to all students. We are delighted at the thought of having your son join us! 

5 reasons to choose Selwyn House

1. We value Quebec’s rich bicultural heritage. That is why your son will develop his skills in English while still fine tuning his knowledge of French. Whether your son was raised in a Francophone or Anglophone environment, Selwyn House will help your son to appreciate the advantages of being bilingual.

 2. With more than 100 years of excellence in education, Selwyn House will give your son the chance to develop essential skills and learn about the values that we cherish.

 3. To enhance intellectual curiosity and to open your son to all educational possibilities, Selwyn House will offer and encourage him to explore and develop his skills in various disciplines such as sports, music, drama, community service, leadership opportunities, science, mathematics, language arts and so forth.

 4. As we are a single gender school, we offer your son the opportunity to thrive in an environment specifically designed to suit his learning style. By understanding the various ways boys learn, we will engage your son and give him all the tools needed for his success.

 5. Selwyn House’s facilities, programs and use of cutting edge technology will give your son opportunities to explore his passions and discover new ones, whether they be in the arts, academic, athletic or any other field of interest.
If Selwyn House seems to be custom-made for your son, that is because it is!

Please contact us for additional information or complete an online application on our website. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your son to our Selwyn House family! 
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95, chemin de la Côte-Saint-Antoine
Westmount (Québec) H3Y 2H8
Alexandre Ferland 2011
Nicholas Johnson 2015


"We’ve experienced  that each boy is known and loved. The school understands the importance of physical activity for boys, and it provides immediate assistance by committed teachers and staff regarding any issue that may arise.  Our son has flourished at the school. His confidence, his ability to express himself, his pride in himself and the school…it has been wonderful watching how he has grown and matured."
- Mother of Grade 3 student

"What I like about Selwyn House especially is our athletics program. Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, we learn more about each sport and many more. There is also an amazing leadership program. We have opportunities to step up as leaders in events such as Open House, House Heads, Prefects, to name a few."
-Grade 7 student 

"Every day, we get to come to this school and be greeted with warmth and comfort. During my twelve years here at Selwyn, I have never encountered a day where coming to school was an issue, and this is all thanks to an unbelievable staff core and student community. They make you want to be here, and we love it."
- Grade 11 student 

‘’Every year I have the opportunity to work with a group of dynamic, intelligent and curious boys. We have so much fun learning, creating, exploring, and playing together. Watching the boys develop their social, emotional and academic skills is extremely rewarding. I am always so proud of the group that graduates Kindergarten each June!’’
 - Kindergarten Teacher