Our philosophy in Kindergarten at Selwyn House embraces the concept of developing the whole child. We believe that we have developed a program where children can truly excel. 

The Kindergarten English and French programs at Selwyn is designed to foster a love of reading, writing, and above all learning.  Our students will learn at their own pace, and will never be rushed into anything they aren’t ready for. There is always a wide range of abilities in Kindergarten and for that reason, the activities are open ended and differentiated. The goal is that each student can benefit and take something out of every activity offered. We couldn’t be more excited about the results that we have seen thus far. The boys are absolutely thriving.

The boys in our Kindergarten classes feel known and loved. It is crucial for us that every child feels safe, happy and loved. 

A day in the Life of kindergarten

Drop off with Kindergarten teacher between 7:50-8:10 at 442 Argyle (kindergarten door)

8h10 - 11h00
  • Morning routine with homeroom teacher 
  • Activities, snack, playtime

11h00 - 12h30 
  • Lunch & Recess 

12h30 - 14h10 
  • Activities, snack, playtime
Ex.: Library, Physical Education, Music, Ipads, storytime with Mrs. Faulkner, storytime with Mr. Downey 

  • Recess and pickup from the East yard or Kindergarten door