Academic Excellence

Elementary School

Middle School

Senior School


At Selwyn House, we are proud of our strong and enriched academic program. We challenge students to learn, to study, to read well, to write well, and to think well. We do this in an environment targeted to boys’ education through hands-on and action-oriented activities.

We understand boys and how they learn best. As a small, student-centered school, the opportunities to participate at Selwyn House are great, creating an inclusive atmosphere, developing positive attitudes to participation, personal performance, teamwork, and fair play.

Our small school is divided into three smaller schools: the Elementary School (Maternelle through Grade 6) which encompasses the foundation years that include early immersion in French; the Middle School (Grades 7 and 8) which guides boys through the transition years from childhood to adolescence; and Senior School (Grades 9, 10 and 11) where students are taught to work both collaboratively and independently in preparation for post-secondary education including our very own Pre-University (Grade 12) program. 

In all years, students study the French language in addition to another subject in French. The faculty values and encourages learning and experiences in French.

In short, we provide an excellent academic program that is supplemented with exceptional athletic, artistic, and experiential education.

Given a Selwyn House education, students will learn to think critically and to express themselves clearly in written and oral form in English and French. They will conduct and analyze experiments, solve math problems, learn to make mathematical conjectures, read contemporary and classic novels, write critical essays, discuss current events, and debate political and social issues.