Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy

Selwyn House has an athletic therapists following the athletic teams all year long. Our Head Athletic Therapist, Sophie Drisdelle, and her team covers the football, hockey and rugby teams at all levels from grades seven to eleven. Sophie is present at all games and practices to treat and prevent various acute and chronic injuries. During lunch time she is also available  for injury evaluation and follow-up treatment.

Sophie is a graduate of both l’Université de Moncton in Kinesiology (‘08) and Concordia University in Exercise Science, specialization in athletic therapy (‘12). Sophie brought over nine years of experience with varsity athletes in five different sports upon her arrival at ɫ. She has been a key part of the Gryphons community for over seven years now.
Concussion protocol is also something Selwyn House is privileged to offer. All students from grades 7 to 11 must complete annually the ImPACT Test (a computer-based concussion baseline test). In the case where a student is diagnosed with a  concussion,  Sophie follows up regularly at the school with them and then communicates with parents as needed. She ensures the student-athlete goes through a Return-to-Learn protocol, followed by the Return-to-Play protocol.


How to take a Baseline ImPACT Test?

1- Go to https://www.impacttestonline.ca/testing/

2- Enter Customer code= 5NPWKFR6MJ
    Note: You may have to allow “Pop-Ups” from the site in order to take the test.

3- Click Launch Baseline test

4- Click on the language you wish to use while taking the test- English or Spanish or
    French, etc.

5- When the Box entitled Supervised Testing Environment pops ups, click “OK”.

6- Read the required information and click NEXT as required.

7- If asked for Supervision and “How are you taking this test?” -click on Unsupervised.

8- Fill in the appropriate personal information on the pages pertaining to past history and

9- Take the test.
           a. Click First Time: as this is the first time you have taken the test for the year.

Note: ImPACT takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. It is compatible with PC and MAC
computers. When taking the test:
        1) An external mouse must be used throughout the exam. TouchPad and TrackPoint
            mice (typically found on laptop computers) should NOT be used.

        2) If you are taking your exam on a laptop computer, make sure it is plugged into an
            electrical outlet and is not running on battery power.

        3) Please close any applications other than ImPACT that are currently running on this

        4) Please choose an environment that is free of noise and other distractions.
Head Athletic Therapist
Sophie Drisdelle
514-931-9481 ext 2343