Tuition and Bursaries

The tuition fees reflect the school’s continuing effort to operate efficiently while providing well-supported programs and maintaining small class sizes. School fees are paid in two instalments and other payment options are available as well. 

Deadline to apply for a bursary:
Grades 7 to 11 -  October 15, 2023
Grade 12 - February 15, 2024

Tuition Fees 2023-2024

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  • Kindergarten

    TUITION: 16,400$ 
    MEAL FEES: 1,700$ **
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:   1,650$ 
    TOTAL:  23,450$ 
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  • Grades 1-2

    TUITION: 20,900$ 
    MEAL FEES: 1,800$ **
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:  1,650$ 
    TOTAL: 29,100$ 
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  • Grades 3-6

    TUITION: 20,900$ 
    MEAL FEES: 1,800$**
    iPAD RENTAL FEE:       270$
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:   1,650$ 
    TOTAL:  29,980$ 
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  • Grades 7-8

    TUITION:  20,900$
    SUPPLEMENTARY FEES:     4,940$
    MEAL FEES: 1,900$* 
          LAPTOP RENTAL:        600$ 
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:  2,050$ 
    TOTAL:   29,990$
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  • Grades 9-11

    TUITION:    20,900$ 
    SUPPLEMENTARY FEES:      5,200$
    MEAL FEES: 2,000$ *
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:    2,050$ 
    TOTAL:  29,750$ 
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  • Grade 12

    TUITION:    20,900$ 
    SUPPLEMENTARY FEES:      5,200$
    MEAL FEES: 2,000$ *
    LUCAS FOUNDATION:    2,050$ 
    TOTAL:  29,750$
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*There is a $850 lunchtime supervision charge included in Meals and Supplementary Activities for Elementary School.

Other Fees

Other fees are assessed throughout the year for participation in the optional After-School Program and Homework Supervision, for the rental, maintenance, repair, and replacement of sports equipment, and for activities such as music, winter carnival, and overnight trips, etc.

International students may also be required to pay additional fees for extra language instruction.


Bursaries give students who have been admitted to the school an opportunity to pursue their education at ɫ even if they cannot afford part or the majority of the school’s tuition fees.

Bursaries are available to families of new and returning students in Middle and Senior Schools (Grades 7 to 12). They are re-assessed and awarded yearly.

For new students entering Grades 7 to 12, the school will be awarding a number of bursaries of up to 50 percent, or greater, to families who qualify for financial assistance. There is no minimum income amount to apply for a bursary as each family is assessed on an individual basis.

To apply for a bursary, Grade 7 to 11 parents are asked to complete the between August 15 to October 15 (February 15, 2024 for Grade 12 applications). Families are then asked to submit to FAST copies of their tax documents by email.

Applications for bursaries are reviewed separately from the admission process and do not impact admissions decisions.

For more information on applying for bursaries, please contact the Admissions Office at 514.931.2775 or admissions@selwyn.ca