The Path Forward Campaign


Foregoing the Government Grant...
A better path forward for Selwyn House

Accepting the Grant means... 
  • Abiding by the government’s rules regarding eligibility to study in English
  • Having to turn-away many students ⎯ including some of our own Grade 6 students
  • A limited application pool.

Foregoing the Grant means...
  • Certificate of Eligibility no longer required to attend our high school
  • A student body that better reflects the cultural makeup of our city
  • A larger, more diverse, application pool
  • Becoming a destination school
  • Foregoing the government grant means losing $1.5 million in annual government grants, plus $750,000 annually in government pensions.
The Objective: 
Avoid increasing tuition fees significantly, despite these significant revenue losses

The Plan: 
Increase enrolment + launch a fundraising campaign ($6M specifically for privatization to cover the shortfall until such time that enrolment increases).

The campaign will ensure that:
  • Our tuition fees remain accessible to the community
  • Our tuition fees remain competitive with those of other private schools in Montréal